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Release Day: Hunted By Treaty by Kayla Stonor

Kayla Stonor
Editor: Travis Luedke
Genre: Scifi Romance/Space Opera/Aliens/Shapeshifter
First Edition: eBook

His touch unleashes her heritage. Hiding is no longer an option.
After decades of war, the Qui Empress ushers in a new era when she takes a human tribute as her price for a peace treaty with Earth. She orders the surrender of all human prisoners of war.
Butchered and broken, Raiss Tyrone has escaped his K’lahn captors and is running for his life. The arrival of a Qui warship in orbit sparks an intense man hunt. A K’lahn garrison is out in force, chasing him down. His only hope is a strange, insecure half-breed woman, part human, part K’lahn.
Crendea has never come to terms with her shape shifting affliction, a genetic aberration from her K’lahn father. She lives with the shame, terrified of exploring the full extent of her heritage. Now a single look from Raiss Tyrone, lust in his eye, and her sparkling lizard scaling bursts forth. His delicious scent and warm touch ripples a terrifying change across her body, and neither of them are prepared for the genetic frenzy they are about to unleash.
This sexy romance tale is the third story in a collection inspired by Under By Treaty, a science fiction romance in Kayla Stonor’s Surrender collection. Each tale in the Qui Treaty Collection is a standalone short story or novella set in the Qui galactic empire, with annihilation of mankind held at bay only through the Treaty consummated between the Qui Empress and the human consort abducted under its terms. Although this story is standalone, it is set within a wider story and naturally leads into the next story, Submit By Treaty.
Kayla Stonor’s novels are adult-themed dark, erotic romance with an edge. Hunted by Treaty contains graphic sex and violence.

                                                             Available at Amazon

I was immediately drawn into the story and the lives of the people on this new planet with a twist. I really like this series because the characters are so interesting and full of contradictions. They hate what they love and cannot fully reconcile the feelings sometimes but still move forward.”

This story is science fiction, but is also romance, erotica and drama. The characters are believable and fully realized. The author also has a talent for description. It takes skill to make a half-human, half-lizard-creature comes across as sexy and desirable, but Kayla Stonor achieves this with seeming ease.”  

Author Information

Kayla Stonor is the pen name of an author of dark, edgy, erotic romance featuring alpha males who must submit to the women they grow to love.  Kayla’s writings are not the usual romantic fluff. Her novels often skate the edge of consent, with thrilling violence and dramatic relationships between powerful alpha males and dominant women.
 Media Contact
Author Email ~ kaylastonor@ymail.com
Marketing Email ~ twluedke@gmail.com

(All rights reserved. Used with author permission from Kayla Stonor) 
Excerpt 1  (Safe For Work
She put the back of her hand to his cold, clammy forehead then grabbed the scalpel. “We need to get these clothes off you.” She sliced off his shirt, removed his soaking boots, and then went for his pants.
He caught her wrist. “I can do it.”
She watched him struggle for several seconds then batted his hand away.
“Fuck,” he said.
Crendea unbuckled his belt. “Did you steal these? They are too big for you.”
“Stripped them off a K’lahn.”
“He didn’t need them anymore.”
Her hand encountered springy hair. He wore no undergarment. She hesitated. Raiss swayed where he sat, beyond modesty. Without more ado, she hauled him to his feet and let the pants fall down to his ankles. He stumbled out of them as she led him to a bed. With Raiss covered in several layers of blankets she stripped her own clothes off and climbed in naked beside him. He tried to spoon around her in his sleep, then winced and rolled back. Careful not to press any weight on his cracked rib, Crendea cuddled in against his side and straddled one leg over him. He was like a block of ice waiting to be thawed.
Her eyes shut on the pleasant thought.
A snoring rumble awoke her. Startled, Crendea sat up and turned to the warm body beside her. Skal. She hadn’t meant to fall asleep. They hadn’t eaten. A gaping hole had taken residence in her stomach, and her throat was parched. She pressed her hand to Raiss’ forehead. Hot. She tumbled out of bed and whipped off all but two blankets. Those she pulled down to his chest. His eyes opened, sharpened on her, dropped down to her right shoulder and then to her breasts. She grabbed one of the discarded blankets and wrapped it around her, tucking a corner in at the front.
“Was’ happening?” he slurred.
“You have a fever. I’m going to make us something to eat then we need to get moving.”
He launched up and grabbed her arm, then took several deep breaths to manage his pain.
Crendea fought to keep calm. “You need to keep still.”
“Why are you doing this?”
Her eyebrows scrunched together. “You ask now?”
“You’re K’lahn.” His eyes flicked to the evidence of her alienness on her shoulders. “Those scales cover all of you. Your neck was clear before.”
Crendea snatched her arm away. Bastard! It never changed. She would always be different. Wrong. Judged as an enemy because of a heritage she could not change. “The Qui and the K’lahn are genetic cousins. I inherited a recursive Qui gene from the K’lahn who… fathered me. The Qui are shapeshifters and the scaling comes and goes, like a rash.” She glared at him, shame welling in her eyes. “I can’t control it.”
Excerpt 2  (Not Safe For Work)
Her eyes ran up his hard-packed body, muscle in all the right places. He turned slightly, and this time she blushed. His cock stood semi-erect, and it was… impressive.
“Sorry, it’s the water.” His eyes creased and he peered at her neck.
Crendea scratched at the scales breaking out.
His mouth opened. “It’s not just stress, is it? It’s attraction. To me.”
“Skal, you’re a cocky bastard.”
“So it’s not me?”
She grimaced, unable to lie to his face.
He grinned. “For some perverted reason, seeing you blush with scales, knowing that I’m the reason your body is out of control…  that’s a real turn on.” He turned around to face her properly and now his cock pointed straight at her, bobbing under the stream of water. “Crendea, I would very much like you to help me.”
“Even though…” She touched her face.
“Even though, and I’m sorry I was such an ass before.”
Crendea slowly opened the fastening to her jacket. A seductive fever burned in his eyes. Scaling broke across her stomach. An ache throbbed between her legs. Suppose…
Panic filled her. “No. I can’t!”
She turned to run and then a hand on her upper arm caught her. Behind him the full force of the water hit the shower base. “Wait, Crendea. What’s going on? You slept beside me naked at the supply station. A shower isn’t that much different. Not enough to cause this reaction!”
Crendea wrenched her arm from his grip and pressed her fingers to her face. “Reaction?” She turned to the steamed up mirror, rubbed it away and studied her skin. The scaling wasn’t any worse.
“I meant your panic attack.”
She nodded, wanting to see farther. Maybe she should look. See how far her change would take her. She couldn’t keep putting the truth off forever. With that thought she ripped open the fastening and tugged on the sleeves of her jacket, but the material had steamed up and stuck to her scales. The water stopped. A gentle touch on her shoulder stilled her panic.
“Let me,” he said softly in her ear.
His lips kissed her scaled skin and a wondrous sense of calm filled her. Fingers traced the line of her neck down to her shoulder. He carefully eased her jacket off. Her arms were fully scaled, the nails of her hands more like talons.
“I don’t know how far this outbreak will go.” Her voice shook as the dual emotions of fear and desire battled for dominance.
He turned her around to face him. “Crendea, have you never…?”
She swallowed.
“This would be your first time?” He failed to hide his shock and tears filled her eyes. “How old are you? Twenty-three? Twenty-four.”
Oh God, she didn’t want to admit she was twenty-five.
Excerpt 3  (Not Safe For Work)
Suddenly, fingers gripped his wrist, powered his arm over and above his head and pinned him down. He twisted beneath her, trapped. Her alien eyes glittered above him. Her pert breasts danced just above his mouth and he tongued a nipple in passing as she set up a punishing rhythm, rising up then pressing down, tighter and tighter. Her vaginal muscles clamped around him.
Too tight. Her touch became painful. Trapped him inside her. Her aggression increased. He couldn’t release his wrist.
“Crendea…” he moaned. “You’re hurting me.”
“What?” she breathed. She didn’t stop. So strong. A wild creature, caught in an impassioned frenzy.
“Please… Relax! Try to relax.” In a stricken moment, he pushed at her with his handless limb, cried out with pain.
She launched back. The pressure eased, and then she was raining kisses on his face.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” She was lifting away. “I thought…  this is how… I needed to bear down, it felt so natural. I didn’t know I would hurt you!”
She freed his hand, readying to leave him, her channel slippery and gentle, responsive. Lust surged back in the wake of his panic.
“Don’t go. This is good now. It’s all good.”
She hesitated, rested her forehead on him, her long eyelashes almost brushing against his, her long locks of hair falling around them both. “I have never experienced these feelings, this insanely powerful urge. I could feel you inside me and it was so wonderful to squeeze you. It’s like I could feel every part of you….”
“Maybe the lizards have armored dicks, too.”
Crendea did not respond, and then she was off him, leaving his cock wet and waving in the air, engorged with blood and aching for her. He pushed up on his elbow and watched her grab a sheet and shoot out of the room.
“Fuck.” He scrunched his eyes shut. He thought his arm was bad. She’d left him with a never-say-die erection, hard enough to drive a man insane. Rolling out of bed, his aching arm tucked into his side, he pulled back the open door and spotted an open window leading to a small roof terrace.

Release Day: Angel 6.0: Enslaved by Travis Luedke

Author: Travis Luedke
Series: Angel 6.0, #2
Genre: Scifi Romance, Space Opera
Publisher: Travis Luedke
Release Date: May 19 2015
Edition: Kindle (Exclusive and available on Kindle Unlimited)

Angel 6.0, a space opera romance series from NYT and USA Today bestseller Travis Luedke.

The product of illegal genome experiments to perfect the human race, my name is Angel, and I live with a slave collar, a tracking system I can’t escape. Torn from my lover’s arms and shipped across the galaxy, I am enslaved to the Gran, a fierce alien Catlike race of warriors. I serve as Captain Cronin’sconcubine, and pray Cesar, my pirate lover, finds a way to beg, steal or barter my freedom.
Trying to survive among the Royal Family of the Gran, I find friendship and new allies in my bid for freedom. As translator, I have a chance to broker trade between Cesar and the Gran. Success might free me of the slave collar wrapped around my neck.
If not, I’ll surely go mad kneeling before the Captain, serving him in ways I dare not admit to Cesar. I pray my pirate lover never learns the truth of the wicked things I do to please Captain Cronin.

Angel 6.0 The Series:
Born of illegal experimentation on the human genome, I’ve been taken for a ride across the galaxy, enslaved to the warlike race of Cats called the Gran. They think I’m some kind of upgrade, a new slave stock to be bred.
Though many would resent me for the decisions I have made, they never experienced my struggle to find love and meaning in a world where I do not belong.
A freak of nature, the humans don’t want me.
Far more valuable than they know, the Cats don’t appreciate me.
Trapped in the conflict between two galactic empires, the pirates can’t save me.
Thrust into the center of an interstellar war, the Earth Defense Council never saw me coming.
I am Angel 6.0 and this is the dark, wicked, violent tale of my life.

Series includes:

Episode 1 ANGEL 6.0: CONCUBINE

Episode 2 ANGEL 6.0: ESCAPE

Episode 3 ANGEL 6.0: ENSLAVED
Episode 4 ANGEL 6.0: PURSUIT
Episode 5 ANGEL 6.0: EMISSARY

The Nightlife Series 
Adult Paranormal Romance ~ Urban Fantasy Thriller

#4 BLOOD SLAVE (stand-alone novel in the series)
#8 THE NIGHTLIFE SAN ANTONIO (stand-alone novel in the series)

Young Adult novels by TW Luedke 

THE SHEPHERD (YA Paranormal)

Travis Luedke is a NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of urban fantasy, scifi, and paranormal romance, best known for his violently sexy NIGHTLIFE SERIES. Travis can be found catching a third degree sunburn in San Antonio, Texas, while plotting world domination through erotic paranormal badassary. As the author of the Nightlife Series novels, Travis lives very vicariously through his writings. He invites you to enjoy his macabre flights of fancy, but be warned: The Nightlife Series is violent, sexy, and occasionally violently sexy.

Blog ~ Personal
Blog ~ The Nightlife Series
Email ~ twluedke@gmail.com
Facebook Page ~The Nightlife Series
Facebook Page~ TW Luedke

Excerpt 1 – Enemies (SFW)
Tears blurred my vision as I stood alone at the airlock awaiting Captain Cronin, commander of the small fleet of Gran warships that had us surrounded and immobilized. My hands shook with adrenaline and my stomach turned queasy. I balanced on the edge of fight or flight and forced myself to stand still. Fighting the Gran would be a fatal mistake. They could pick us off any time they wanted. We were damn lucky Captain Cronin intended to board and meet in person – we were at his mercy.
It was my fault.
I fingered the metallic collar wrapped around my neck, the tracking device ensuring the Gran would always find me – and anyone who harbored me. The lives of the men aboard this Shadow cruiser depended on me to get them out of this mess. Though most of them didn’t even like me, wished I’d never been rescued from the Gran in the first place, they were stuck with me as translator for negotiations. No one else spoke the growl-click-snarl language of the Gran.
I had begged Cesar to order his men not to fight, to stand back and let me speak on their behalf. When he’d insisted on staying at my side, I begged him to leave me to it.
More useless tears streaked my face as I yearned to relive the past three weeks spent in Cesar’s arms, making love endlessly. I could still feel the warmth of his arms around me as I showered with him, ate with him, slept tangled with his hard body and woke in his strong embrace. I’d found all I ever wanted from life on this ship, with Cesar.
It seemed the universe conspired against my wishes.
Even if the Gran listened to me, even if my insane plan worked, there was little chance of ever seeing my lover again. I wished I did have Cesar at my side – now – holding my hand, telling me everything would be alright. But I couldn’t risk his life. The sick twisty feeling in my gut was the knowledge that the Gran would never let me stay aboard the Shadow cruiser with my lover. The thought of never seeing Cesar again terrified me. He’d mended the shattered pieces of my soul and given me new reason to live.
Now I faced losing him.
The Gran shuttle slipped into view and slowly glided in to latch on with its docking clamps. I was so tense and wired. Good thing I didn’t have my gauntlet blade. I’d be tempted to hack through every one of these Cats as they crossed the threshold.
Click, snap, thud, pop – the airlock opened and the strange spiced tang of Gran air wafted past. My senses flooded with intense memories of my time aboard the Gran ship. I tried to focus on the good memories – like Jason, Cesar’s brother. Enslaved for a time on the Gran jumpship, Captain Cronin had poured liquor aphrodisiac down my throat daily, keeping my senses drowned in erotic abandon. If only Jason had survived our escape from the Gran…
The sounds of growl-snap-clicking chatter snapped my attention back to the moment. Captain Cronin stepped through into our small airlock chamber, at the front of his Warriors. He was an impressive male, over two meters tall, slim and muscular, with broad shoulders, and tan-orange, striped fur. Stretching to full height above me, the Captain’s ears brushed the ceiling and lay back as he looked up to avoid hitting his head. To most people, the Gran looked like lanky, angular cats standing upright, with somewhat humanoid features and build. To me, he was the Captain, a male I knew too intimately. Though I wanted to hate him for all he’d done to me, all he may yet do, my emotions towards the Captain were a turmoil of conflict.
We had shared things that made us more than friends – yet still enemies. Aboard his ship, he’d adopted me as his concubine. Though he never actually fucked me, the Captain and I had done everything else possible. I still wore his metallic collar marking me as property of the Gran, the Captain’s concubine. Cesar and his engineer, Azad, had considered removing my collar, but when they analyzed the material, they found an alloy blended with highly reactive metals.
The thing wrapped tightly around my neck would probably blow my head off if they tried to cut through it.
I thought I was free of the Gran and their control over my life. Turned out this ride aboard the Shadow cruiser with Cesar was only a vacation – a delay of the inevitable. The prospect of returning to service as the Captain’s concubine stretched before me, a dark joyless future without Cesar in my life.
Excerpt 2 -– Trust Angel (SFW)
Standing around impatient in the galley, Cesar and his pirate crew watched me suspiciously as I walked in the doorway and tried to still my shaking hands. “Captain Cronin of the Gran Traders Guild is willing to speak with Cesar alone. Captain Cesar.”
Cesar’s right hand Irishman, Chancy, chuckled along with some of the other men. Chancy and I didn’t exactly get along – could have something to do with that time I’d broken his nose. He didn’t trust me, but he wasn’t man enough to toss me out the airlock – even when I begged him to do it.
Chancy settled a hand on Cesar’s shoulder. “Don’t let it go to your head, man. You’re still Cesar to me.” No one held an official title among these pirates, but Cesar was definitely their leader. When push came to shove, Cesar called the shots.
Cesar nodded at his friend and then his piercing, dark eyes caught me with that severe, probing look. “Where do you think we stand?”
“He’s armed, and requested you to come unarmed. He says he has a grievance with you. I told him you have the same, regarding Jason. Hopefully the two debts will balance out, and we can start negotiating.”
Chancy cut into our conversation. “Nobody’s goin ta meet with a bloody Cat when his arm’s strapped with a bloody cutting torch. Don’t fucking listen to this shite, Cesar. She’s manipulating us all!”
Cesar’s sharp eyes speared Chancy. “I trust Angel’s judgment in this. You would be wise to do the same.”
Cesar laid a hand on my shoulder. “And what about you? Has he stated his intentions for you?”
“He hasn’t said yet, but don’t get your hopes up. No matter what happens, I doubt he will leave the ship without me.”
Cesar’s face graduated from severe to ferocious. He took my arm and led me out of the galley and through the hallway towards the airlock. His grip on me tightened and his voice dropped to a whisper. “I don’t know if I can allow that, Angel.”
I realized then he wasn’t willing to talk this way in front of the men, certainly not in front of Chancy. The men aboard the Shadow cruiser had never really trusted me – some of them probably hated me. Chancy hated me.
I wished there was some way Cesar could change my situation, but my gut instinct said that Cronin would get what he wanted out of this deal, and that included me. “Cesar, I need you to understand that whatever happens, my priority is saving you and your crew. You have to trust that Captain Cronin isn’t going to hurt me.” Well, not more than I could handle.
I stroked the prickly stubbles on the side of Cesar’s face, loving the feeling of him against my palm. “We’re not in a position to make demands, but if we’re careful, we can make an arrangement that gets all of you out of here safely … and maybe we can see each other again.”
Excerpt 3 — Personal Assistant (SFW)
Captain Cronin reached out and brushed my arm, almost absentmindedly. Cesar’s eyes caught the movement and pegged me hard. I pretended I didn’t notice the gesture. I had no desire to explain to Cesar or anyone else the true nature of what the Captain and I had shared.
The Captain’s body language gave me the impression he was finished, ready to leave. He addressed Cesar in closing. “I accept your proposal. Make preparations for your trade offers. I must speak with the Trader’s Guild. Bring your industrialists here. We meet again on our next visit to Nugene.” I mentally did the time crunch and realized he was talking about 90 days. The Gran showed up at Nugene Station every three months, like clockwork, to pick up new shipments of their worker drones.
Elation filled me as I flipped the Captain’s words to English for Cesar. We did it! We pulled it off, with nothing more than a few lines of bullshit and a straight face! My stupid grin refused to go away. No matter how hard I tried to keep from smiling, my lips kept tipping up with the overwhelming joy flooding through me. I looked to Cesar’s solemn business-like face and saw the pleasure hiding in his eyes.
Cesar put out his hand out to shake on the deal, and I batted his hand down. “They don’t shake.” I inclined my head in a little half-bow, and Cesar mimicked me. Then he grabbed my hand.
The Captain’s eyes sharpened on our joined hands and a small growl slipped out between his fangs. “Angel bears the mark of the Gran.” The Captain’s large, powerful hand slipped around my throat to stroke the metallic collar marking his property. He tapped his claws on my collar, sinking his point home. “Angel is my personal assistant. She is a valuable female and serves me well. She will present your trade offer to the Emperor and the Traders Guild.”
My happiness fled and suddenly the room felt lighter. Breathing became difficult. My knees weakened as my world tilted sideways. The Captain’s claws gripped my arm hard and he pulled me in close, keeping me from falling on my face with the powerful rush of vertigo.
He was taking me, again. He wanted me with him, aboard his ship, as his personal assistant.
Cesar realized his mistake and had no choice but to let go of my hand as the Captain pulled me in closer. It was too late and probably never mattered anyway. I could tell by the Captain’s smug satisfaction that he’d intended this all along, regardless. The Captain had come to rely on me to feed his addiction with my body, my pain, my foolish willingness to please him.
Maybe if I’d fought him before, if I’d never submitted to the Captain’s debasement, I might be a free person right now, able to live with Cesar, able to enjoy a normal life. But I hadn’t fought the Captain when he sprayed his pheromones all over me and did things that I enjoyed far more than I should have.
My willing submission had entrapped me in a deal of my own making.
Excerpt 4 — Lots of Fun (NSFW)
Instead of striking me or chastising me as I expected, he clicked approval and grabbed another bottle of liquor from his cabinet. He poured my glass full once more. After the fifth cup, I felt nothing. No desire for Cesar. No need for Cesar. No desire to be rid of this tall, furry, striped son-of-a bitch with his huge cock swinging in front of my face. I felt nothing but a floating haze of inebriation.
Liquor was the answer to my problems.
After the sixth cup, I’d was a grinning fool who could barely stand, perfectly content sprawled across the Captain’s lap, my cheek rested against his thick, warm cock. There was something about his gloriously large cock that made me happy, even though I’d never get it inside me.
I buried my fingers in the fur of his thighs, giggling and enjoying the feeling of his powerful musculature. I rubbed my face against the soft fur on his chest. I knew what he wanted, the same thing every male wants. Instead I teased him and avoided his ever-hardening cock. When I tried to stand up I fell over and found myself whisked into his powerful arms. He laid me out on his couch-lounger and hovered over me, a look of satisfaction on his face.
“I understand you, Angel. I know you are pained by the loss of your men. For this reason I forgive you … this time.”
He unzipped my suit and I did not fight him. He stripped my one-piece off and all I could do was giggle. He grabbed my knees in his clawed grip and squeezed hard enough to draw blood. The pain brought more trickles of euphoria and a smile to my face. It didn’t matter if he wanted to hurt me. He’d already destroyed me when he took me from Cesar. Physical pain was nothing more than pleasure to my twisted nervous system.
Bleeding and smiling, I curled up naked in his arms, loving the sensations of his slippery, soft fur on my skin. I had to face the fact this was my place, right here, playing pretend for the Captain. If I couldn’t be with Cesar, I had to try to salvage a future.
I had to accept the harsh truth: I was not made to be loved. Who could love a thing designed in a laboratory, an experiment? No love for Angel. But I could still have fun. Lots of fun.
Excerpt 5 — Beck and Call (NSFW)
The Captain did not make love. He used and abused me. He mauled me, tripped my pain switches and sprayed his creamy hot semen all over me. The Captain had no problem digging his claws in my shoulders, back, hips, thighs and ass. He marked me up, helped me shower off the mess, and then watched me heal, only to do it all over again. We made such a mess of his couch he called in his Warriors to replace it. The thing was covered with come and bloodstains.
I don’t think the Warriors liked what we were doing. When they brought in the new couch, they stared at my drunken, naked body draped shamelessly across the Captain’s lap, his personal assistant fuck pet. I could feel the disdain coming off the Warriors when they watched the Captain’s hand idly massaging my ass as I tried to catch a nap before his libido rose again.
“What are you looking at? You want some too? Need to spray your pussy juice all over me so you can get it up? Fucking eat me or go away.” They couldn’t understand my English, but they caught the tone of my taunts. Both of them dropped their ears and hissed at me, as if that meant something, as if I should care if I offended their Catty sensibilities.
Not long ago I’d hacked through a pile of Warriors with their own weapon, their sacred battle gauntlet. I had little fear of them, and even less respect. The Captain watched them sneering at me, squeezed my ass once more to ensure he still owned me, and snickered as if I was the funniest thing ever. Bastard was forever high on his mating pheromone spray. He had become increasingly tolerant of my foul mouth.
It wasn’t my fault their Captain was a raging addict, and my body had become his preferred method of dosage. I knew nothing of their society, their rules, the proprieties. I only knew that I had no clothes, and he wanted me that way, naked at his beck and call. He’d shredded my zipper suit. He let me use a furry blanket when he left the cabin to run errands around the ship. When I asked him for something to wear, he’d made ridiculous excuses, Angel looks better without clothes. He wanted to see me, all of me. Clothing only got in the way. I spent our entire trip across the galaxy naked, drunk, riding and sucking cock, showering, or sleeping in the Captain’s arms.
A first class personal assistant.

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