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The Way We Break by Cassia Leo

The Way We Break (The Story of Us, #2)

The Way We Break by Cassia Leo

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have been a big fan of Cassia’s for a long time. She has such a unique style to her writing style, it truly is captivating and breathtaking to witness. She is so thorough with her characters, that you will feel the highs, the lows and all the other emotions there between. You will cry with them, or experience their heartaches, so well, that you would think these emotions were that of your own. It is amazing that book after book, she keeps hitting such a high standard. I love it!

Within the The Story of Us series, we are driving the roads with Rory and her love and loss story. We meet the main characters, like her BFF Hallie and Hallie’s older brother Houston, Kenny and Liam. It is intense to see what unfolds for Rory. Hallie’s suicide is a monumental experience in her life, and it will bring a great change within her everyday. Including bring to light the harbored love Rory has for Houston, and of Houston’s hidden love for Rory. Their love story is so intense, truly a whirlwind of ups and downs, until it comes crashing down on them all.

With Hallie gone, betrayal from Houston and her mother for what they have kept from her is too much, Rory is out looking for a change. She stays away from her most treasured people, continues endure being alienated by her father. Is she ready to move forward? Will she find her solace? IS there really a HEA for Rory or Houston?

Liam is a boy that she knows from college, and is becoming friends with within the first book, now she is giving him the chance to be her significant other; but is she ready for that? Liam obviously likes Rory, but is she open to replacing Houston in her heart? Can you every really move on from the one person who ruined her?

Within TWWB you will see good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to Rory, Houston and Liam. But you will be floored with the depth of their characters and what they would do to protect those that they love. And the ending, Wow! the ending! It leaves you incredibly worked up and anxious for the next book. What happens next!? Oh, the anticipation!

Great Job, Cassia!

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People aren’t always who you believe them to be.

Dominick Kane and Rain Medici started their relationship with one another in the most unconventional way. 

He kidnapped her. 

With the kidnapping now behind them, life returns to normal, right?

Not a chance. 

The push, the pull and their fights for control that we’ve come to love about Dominick and Rain still exist. And so does their passion.

People aren’t who you think they are. Familiar faces are not so familiar. The past and the present collide, opening up all of those old wounds and struggles once again. 

Now, everything you thought you knew, gets blown out of the water.

Can Dominick and Rain finally heal what’s broken? Or will new discoveries push them even further apart. 

Will love win out and bring them back together? Or will ghosts of the past ultimately destroy their love once and for all…

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