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Release Blitz: Sofia, Bittersweet Familia #4 by Melissa Jane

Title: Sofia
Series: Bittersweet Familia #4
Author: Melissa Jane
Genre: Dark/Romance/Suspense
 Release Date: July 11, 2015
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Everyone has a story.

For Marcela Ortiz, hers is not one she wants to remember.
Deceived by those closest to her, Marcela is thrown deep into a world of violence, corruption and trafficking. The dark, sinister world belonging to one Hector Florez, Mexico’s leading cartel boss.
What he wants is control.
What she craves is her freedom.
To survive, Marcela must overcome the demons who promise to destroy her and challenge fate to a story she has only dreamed of.
SOFIA, the final instalment of the Bittersweet series is built on heartache, revenge and redemption.
One unlikely group of people.
One common enemy. Many stories.

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“I was a fool tonight,” Xavier began, causing me to frown at him in confusion.

“How so?”

“I should have kissed you on the dance floor. That way I would’ve had a whole night of tasting you.”

I didn’t know what to say, the breath had been sucked clean from me. His delicious lips hovered next to mine, a magnetic pull between us becoming too hard to bear.

“I can’t wait any longer,” he whispered.

“I don’t want you to wait.” A tingling sensation roared through my body and I knew I wanted this more than anything. He answered my silent pleas by pulling me against his hard body and lowering his lips to graze mine. It was a tease. A small taster of things to come. But I was already weak at the knees. I wanted him to possess me. His hands formed tighter fists in my hair, his hooded eyes telling me he could wait no longer. Xavier’s lips came crashing onto mine, claiming the last of my strength. I melted into him, responding to his tongue while failing to disguise the gentle moan passing between us. It was everything I had fantasized it to be. It was everything I had craved. He tasted sweet from sugary mojito’s, his passion a fury that couldn’t be tamed.
Author Bio
A recent bloomer in the writing world, Melissa Jane has delved into a complex world where light and dark clash in unforgivable ways. Romanticism takes on darker influences while malevolence attempts to interfere with courage. Jane knows no boundaries when it comes to discovering the endless personalities that exist within our world. No one is exempt from love, not even those condemned to a life of pain and betrayal where revenge is the only safe passage to true freedom.
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Release Blitz: Passion Follows Pain by J.A. Melville

Passion Follows Pain
(Passion Series Book Three)
by J.A. Melville
Release Blitz

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For most of her life, the only thing Arissa Petros has known
is abuse. She is just 19 years old when, with the help of a friend, she runs
away from her abuser. Wanting as much distance between the man who has hurt her
and herself, she travels to another state working as a housekeeper for an
elderly lady with a broken leg. Arissa’s never been away from home or another
state so everything is frightening to her. She is torn between fear of the
unknown and relief at being away from the man who abused her for so long.
Mrs. Appleby is kind and caring and it doesn’t take Arissa
long to settle in to her new life. For the first time ever, she feels happy and
safe, that is, until she meets one of the neighbors from over the road.
Lucian Andreas is the classic tall, dark and handsome man.
He wants her and pursues her despite the fact she is terrified and wants
nothing to do with him. As far as Arissa is concerned, men represent pain and
aren’t to be trusted. She has no desire to have anything to do with them ever!
Lucian won’t give up on her though and slowly but surely he
breaks down her defenses. He is the first man she has ever wanted to spend time
with. He makes her feel things she’s never felt before and she finds herself
longing for the touch of his lips, the strong safe haven of his arms.
When Lucian finds out about Arissa’s past, it only makes him
want her more, determined to prove to her that not all men are bad and that sex
doesn’t have to represent pain and humiliation. But first he has to come clean;
reveal his true identity to her. He has to tell her he’s a vampire. Despite his
initial fears, his revelation doesn’t frighten her off and in fact brings them
closer together. Lucian opens up a whole new world to her filled with passion
and excitement. That is, until tragedy strikes and suddenly everything changes
when Arissa’s past catches up with her and her life is in danger.
Will Lucian be able to save her in time? Can they survive?
Will their relationship handle the stresses placed on it? Everything seems
lost, that all hope is gone until that chance discovery one night. That one
thing that changes everything……
Author Bio
For as long as I can remember, I’ve
loved to write, poetry, short stories just about anything. My English teachers
in school kept telling me I should write and it took me a lot of years to
finally get around to it. 

I spent too long worrying about failing as a writer before
I realized that living with the regret of never trying was

I live in a sleepy country town in Tasmania, Australia with my partner and our
three children, who aren’t so little anymore, plus a whole assortment of

Natasha’s Awakening is my first book but I have no intention of stopping now
and will continue to live my dream of being a published author. I have just
published Taming Eric which is his POV to Natasha’s Awakening. 

My interests are writing of course, reading, watching movies and hanging out at
home with my family, our six cats and one dog.You can find me on Facebook under my author page J. A Melville and my book’s
page Natasha’s Awakening.

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