Cover Reveals: Pieces of my Soul, Shattered, and Wicked Souls by Sabrina Samples

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Pieces of my soul
Love was fleeting… Just a whim… I had lots of fun… I
cried tears… Some of joy… Others of sorrow… Then he came into my life…
All was erased… I know now that I have found the one to piece back together
my once broken soul.
She thought suicide was the only way out. She struggled with
every breath, every smile and every word she spoke. Nothing seemed to fix the
overwhelming need to take the blade to her skin. 
Let yourself be transported into the author’s shoes. Feel
the pain and struggles as she does. Rejoice and celebrate as she overcomes
those struggles and hardships.  
Wicked Souls
Spencer Bishop’s past was nothing more than a falsified case
of fake memories. Every birthday, holiday, and special moment was changed in
order to protect her from evil. Aiden, the lover who was erased with her other
memories, came back into her life and caused her to question  reality and figure
out who she was. 
After an act of bravery, Spencer was granted her memories
back. Aiden, her true love and the Angel’s in Heaven desired for her to see her
true destiny and fight evil.
Can Spencer defeat the evil before it destroys her and Heaven?
Sabrina Samples was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio.
Even at a young age she always loved writing. She would write poetry and short
stories. It wasn’t until one of her teachers submitted a poem of hers to a
poetry company that she realized she wanted to write more for people to see.
From that point of inspiration, she has been constantly writing. Sabrina finds
motivation and desire to write in the need to leave something behind for those
who come after her time. When Sabrina is not busy working on her writing she
enjoys playing Dungeons & Dragons, spending time with her husband and
daughter. “Thank you to all of my readers. Thank you for all the support you
have shown me over the years. Thank you for reading my books. If it wasn’t for
you guys I wouldn’t be able to do what I do best.”
Sabrina’s current works include “Shattered”, “Pieces of
my Soul” and “Wicked Souls”, which is book one in the Wicked Souls Saga.
She is currently working on “Hidden Secrets”, “Vengeful Flames” and “Before the
Fall” books two, three and four in the Wicked Souls Saga.
You can follow Sabrina on Facebook, Google+, Twitter
and Goodreads to stay up to date on her new releases, events, reviews and
interviews. Make sure to follow so you don’t miss any updates or teasers.
Sabrina also has a website that can be visited at

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