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Blog Tour: The Explanation by S. Kline


★★★Blog Tour★★★

★★★The Explanation★★★

★★★By S. Kline★★★

One moment. That was all it took to change my world forever. I was down, but I wasn’t out. A lot can happen when you’re dreaming, and sometimes your dreams remind you of things you’d rather have forgotten. This is the missing piece. This is my explanation.


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“Oh WOW! I absolutely loved this book, right up to the place where my face ran into the closed door that was the end of the book!!!”

“Again we were taken on an emotional roller coaster often finding ourselves either laughing our butts off, holding our breath, or wiping the tears from our eyes.

It was raw, confronting, highly emotional and yet again god damn panty melting sinfully delicious.

We absolutely loved this instalment of the Fianna Fail Series and can’t wait for the next.”


  1. Kline is a stay-at-home wife , and mother of three. She was born and raised in small town Indiana. She spent three years working at a state psychiatric facility, was married at eighteen, and is now accomplishing her life-time dream of becoming a writer.

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